Isn't that what we all want: to live fully?

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We are happy about you, really! Because the fact that you are surfing on Vollgutleben shows that you probably have a lot in common with us. For example our view of the world and life:

We love natural and cozy materials. We like to surround ourselves with lovingly designed things that make life easier and more beautiful. We find that we all deserve a fully good life. And without anyone or anything having to suffer from it. That is why we bring valuable things into the world and only take from it what is absolutely necessary. 

Loving essentials for the good life - consciously and sustainably

Under vollgutleben you will now find everything that supports and inspires you in your everyday life full of joie de vivre, lightness, beauty and creativity - without compromising on responsibility and sustainability.

Our vision

We believe that it is possible to live a life of joy and abundance without exploiting the world and its beings. We believe that the concentrated creativity of mankind can find the right ways and solutions for it. And with our products we want to contribute to exactly this world full of possibilities.

our promise

With everything that we manufacture and present on, you can rely on the following:

  • Plastic-free articles and packaging
  • No use of animal materials such as leather and wool felt (our felt is made of synthetic fibers)
  • Manufactured in Europe for shorter transport routes and less CO² emissions
  • Production using green electricity and green gas
  • Sustainable fulfillment with storage, packaging and delivery from

The master plan behind Vollgutleben

In the future, under vollgutleben, we will combine everything that supports our vision of a really good life. Loving essentials from the following areas await you under our umbrella brand vollgutleben:

  • work well: Here you will find useful things for your beautiful home office or the decoration of your inspiring work environment, e.g. B. Desk pads and mouse pads made from special materials.

  • on the go presents you handmade things that also serve you on the go and give you the independence you need, e.g. B. our bags, laptop and tablet sleeves.

  • to prepare fully: We think kitchen work can also be fun. That's why you will find kitchen utensils, cutting boards & Co. made with a lot of heart here.

  • Under to be completely good You can expect wonderful companions who support you in your spiritual practice and your mental wellness, e.g. B. Meditation cushions and benches. 

Who are we, anyway, to have a good life here?

For Vollgutleben, 5 loving people have come together who all share a common vision. Each vollgutleben team member contributes his or her personal superpower and gives everything to bring more beauty, lightness and inspiration into your life. 

May we introduce? In alphabetical order:

Frank - founder of Vollgutleben & Growth Manager

  • My main values: Wisdom, passion, love
  • My favorite product: Our Desk padBecause I can no longer imagine my desk without it.  
  • My idea of a fully good life: The freedom to enjoy something without someone or something having to suffer for it. 


Kea - Product & Purchasing

  1. My main values: Honesty, empathy, creativity
  2. My favorite product: Our Shopping bagbecause it is the perfect companion, stylish and wears everything at the same time

My idea of a fully good life: To take life with open eyes and arms as it comes.


Leonie - Customer Happiness Manager

    • My main values: Freedom, sensitivity, wisdom
    • My favorite product: the Shopping bag in dark gray leo, because it is super stable and durable and also looks super nice and makes every purchase a nicer experience. It is also great for other purposes!
    • My idea of a fully good life: To contribute something to happiness in the world, because happy people are peaceful people

Lucia - accounting

  • My main values: Health, love, security
  • My favorite product: My favorite product is the Leo-look laptop bag. I am convinced by the quality and the design and of course my weakness for Leo products. 
  • My idea of a fully good life: Freedom to act and think in a natural and loving environment.

Siggi - Returns Manager

  • My main values: Health, loyalty, love
  • My favorite product: My favorite product is this laptop bag 15 inches in dark gray neon yellow, because I have come to appreciate the quality through daily use.
  • My idea of a fully good life: Enjoy life in peace and health.


We look forward to accompanying you with our philosophy and our products. As soon as it is possible again, come and visit our shop in the heart of Cologne (Hohe Pforte 1), get to know us and be inspired by our creations on the subject of living fully.