We absolutely love good materials / Our materials at Vollgutleben

Fomgut Felt Filz Materialien Schreibtischuntermatte

At Vollgutleben, we attach great importance to great materials. Because we prefer to process what feels really good and gives you focus and comfort. 

As different as our materials are, they have a lot in common:

  1. They come directly from nature or are based on nature.
  2. They are deliberately chosen so that neither humans, animals nor the environment have to suffer for it.
  3. We have carefully selected them in order to create high-quality products for you.
  4. Thanks to their texture and our processing, they bring serenity into your home and give you plenty of relaxation moments. 
  5. Thanks to their clear appearance, they can be easily combined with your favorite colors.

We love wood

Is there actually anyone who doesn't like wood? We just love this natural scent and the warm, cozy atmosphere it exudes. 

By decorating your home with wooden accessories and furniture, you automatically ensure more harmony and happiness. Because the beautiful material with its natural grain automatically fits into your other decorations, is completely timeless and therefore always modern.

Another point that makes our sustainability heart beat faster: Wood is a renewable raw material that we process with such high quality that it is particularly stable and durable.

In short: with our wood products you are not only investing in a sustainable, plastic-free future, but also in a healthy home atmosphere.

Felt yes, but no wool felt please

Since wool felt is made from the wool of sheep and we are clearly committed to animal welfare, we have opted for an animal-friendly alternative. Our felt is made of the synthetic fiber polyester and has even more advantages over wool felt: 

  • Our felt is particularly dimensionally stable and durable,
  • you will hardly notice any abrasion or other wear and tear on it even after a long time,
  • it is insensitive to liquids (who wants the edges of coffee on the surface!),
  • it scores with high color stability and lightfastness, in other words: it hardly fades
  • and its appearance is particularly harmonious thanks to the extra even surface.

We are so into felt because this robust, hard-wearing, wrinkle-free material is versatile, feels fantastic and is also super stylish and can be combined with everything. So that our felt products also protect your furniture and absorb noise, we are not stingy, but always choose the perfect material thickness.

As you can see, Felt is somehow our secret superhero. Our tip: Treat yourself to a few felt accessories such as a desk pad and mouse pad to set up your home office comfortably.

Noble like marble, but super flexible

Another favorite material that we rave about is a mineral material under brand names such as Kerrock® and Corian®. If you want to know exactly: The magic kit consists of bauxite ore, aluminum hydroxide and acrylic polymer and meets our high ecological standards.

What is so magical about this material? Good thing you asked:

It can be flexibly processed, shaped, sanded, sawed and glued. And yet it looks like super stable, elegant granite or marble, which gives our products a stunning, smooth feel. With its different patterns and color options, it creates great, nature-inspired designs, which, by the way, can also be ingeniously combined with wood. Seriously: you just have to see and feel.

Our plan is to use other exciting, sustainable, stylish and cozy materials for Vollgutleben. So stay tuned, we will be happy to keep you up to date.